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Solid Snake sneaks onto LBP (and Sephiroth too, Aeris beware…)


Two new iconic Playstation characters will soon be available in Sackboy form.
Unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show last week Old Snake and Sephiroth will be available in Little Big Planet.
Solid Snake has been one of the biggest icons in gaming for the last 10 years, (20 if you count the original Metal Gear games). [...]

October 15, 2008



Kratos Sackboy in UK

Kratos Sackboy finally made his way to UK hiding in the bag of Official Playstation Magazine!
If you’re in UK and like to have this awesome sackboy character, the card containing the unique code to download the character/costume will be waiting for you on the shelves within issue 24 of OPM, September 30th 2008.
This issue also [...]

September 10, 2008


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LittleBigPlanet in an old-school theme


And more submissions for LittleBigChallenge 001 but this time in an old-fashion way!
They’re all based on the same idea but different positions and minor changes:
A view from inside the TV
The next one is my favorite
Yet another Sackboy!

August 17, 2008

LittleBigChallenges, User-Created Content

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My first flash Sackboy says HI :)

If you like to use the waving Sackboy you see on the top of the right column of this site, you just need to copy/paste the code below into your html page source:

August 13, 2008

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