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Importing images from Hard Drive?!

UPDATE (November 4th, 2008): If there was any doubt it should be gone after reading this post. I’ve contacted Sam_protagonist LBP Sony Community Manager, and he made it crystal clear that this feature is not confirmed to be added to the game.
Much as I stated in various forum posts on the subject, image importing is [...]

November 1, 2008



Importing images in LittleBigPlanet

UPDATE Nov 1st 2008: Read it here.
One of the cool features in LBP was supposed to be the ability to import images(i.e. Jpeg, PNG, etc.) from Playstation HDD. Knowing about this feature, a lot of fans have already started making some cool and unique stickers for the game in advance, so that when the game [...]

August 23, 2008

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