Importing images from Hard Drive?!

UPDATE (November 4th, 2008): If there was any doubt it should be gone after reading this post. I’ve contacted Sam_protagonist LBP Sony Community Manager, and he made it crystal clear that this feature is not confirmed to be added to the game.

Much as I stated in various forum posts on the subject, image importing is not a confirmed feature for the game. We’ve established that it’s technically viable, however that’s not the end of the story from our side of things. There are many additional considerations to take into account before we could introduce this to the game. I’m not saying that Alex was wrong, as I wasn’t there when he was quoted, however I believe it’s more likely he would have been referring to the technical feasibility of image importing rather than guaranteeing its release before Christmas, since it is such a complicated issue.

Sam replied to the question about the rumors around Importing images from Hard Drive being added to the game before Christmas.

Thanks Sam for the clarifications.

UPDATE (November 3rd, 2008): I find a lot of LBP fans coming to this page to find what the deal is with the importing images from PS3 HDD, so to make things easier and save you some time, Long story short, this feature is technically possible (and probably already done, as it seemed from early demos of the game at GDC 2007) but it was removed from the game and currently there is no plans to add it to the game.

UPDATE (November 4th, 2008): In case you need more proof to believe there is no plan to add this feature? Check this thread from today. “File this one under ‘don’t believe everything you read’ please.” Sam_protagonist said in response to a user who posted a link to an article on stating image importing patch to arrive before Christmas.

That’s it as a summary! Have more time? Read the entire story below:

Cutting out the highly exciting feature of importing images directly from PS3 Hard Drive into LittleBigPlanet from the game was a big disappointment for some fans, as you can see it from the comments on this post.

By now, you may have already read this post at or similar ones, stating this feature will be added by Christmas based on Alex Evans answer at GameCity in Nottingham.

He confirmed that this was only pulled from the release of the game because of time constraints, and that the image import tool would be released by Christmas.

It’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Well, don’t get too excited because this quote was pretty much denied by Sam_protagonist (LBP Sony Community Manager) at Forums:

There are a couple of these rumours flying around today, so to clear things up - image importing is very much technically viable which may have been what Alex is referring to, however there are currently no plans to introduce it for a variety of reasons. Announcements of future content releases, whether free, paid for, feature update, costume, sticker or whatever will always come through the official websites for LittleBigPlanet and Media Molecule, if you hear of updates through any other source please take it with a pinch of salt until it has been confirmed or denied.

Right now there are no plans to introduce image importing to the game, and we’ll update if that changes.

So until hearing an official announcement, this feature is not in Media Molecule’s future plans for the game.

Let us know what you think…

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