From the video’s description:

i have made an “electronic” 8bit calculator (not “mechanical” calculator) with the Beta LBP do decimal/binary conversions and it can do Add and Sub.
There are probably more simple solutions for calculator machine but i was more interested by this “electronic” solution for the fun

computation take clearly less that a half second
this calculator use:
- 610 magnetic switches
- 500 Wires
- 430 pistons
- 70 emitters
and others stuff…

my PSN is Upsilandre

Isn’t it amazing?!

I was reading the comments on this video on youtube and found some guys just don’t get what it really means! Obviousely we all have calculators! Playing with calculator is not fun either! It just shows the endless possibilities of this game, how you can make a digital processing machine using the simple tools you have!

Those who don’t get the point of it and are like “it’s just a calculator” should keep that in mind that the basics of a calculator and a super computer are the same.

Well done, Upsilandre! I look forward to seeing your creations in future.

Yet Another Sackboy!

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