LittleBigPlanet Beta Review - A Brief Overview

Here is a short and brief review of what I thought playing working on LittleBigPlanet Beta.

The gameplay in Story mode, is exactly what you expect as you’ve seen in hundreds of videos on Youtube!

I had hard time getting used to the controls when it comes to moving back and forth in depth (Z axis). One thing to keep in mind is that it guesses where you’re trying to jump when you press X, regardless of your Z position so the easiest way to jump on the objects behind you (when you’re facing the screen) is to just press X. (I know it sounds confusing but when the game comes out you’ll see what I mean.) There are 4 levels available to play in Beta mostly easy to finish but finishing a level is not the point of the game! There are many collectible stickers and objects you should find and collect in order to be able to use them later in level creation mode. For example I’ve played the second level, 4 times so far and I still couldn’t find 6% of the objects hidden in it.

The level creation tools are just awesome! When you start building, the sky is your limit. I know you’ve heard it several times but you’ll say that yourself when you get familiar with the advanced but handy tools you have.

Pretty much all the objects react based on physics rules, from a piece of sponge attached to a rope to a wooden surface on wheels attached to a rocket and you have a good control tweaking their properties but the fun doesn’t end here! You can also make Smart objects who react based on their brain! Those creatures may come after you or even run away once they see you and those are all configurable by you or whoever is making the level in level creation mode.

It’s amazing how many types of buttons, switches and sensors are available for you to attach to objects and it’s even more interesting when you start tweaking those elements and see the different options you have.

One of the funnest parts is the use and effect of explosives! No kidding, they really work and they destroy things around them and leave you a nice and realistic black shade :) There are two kinds of them available, one is trigger based and the other is “Impact”. The first one needs a switch to activate and the second one explodes if it hits something hard enough.

There are some good-to-have features missing which I’ll cover later.

Keep in touch ’cause I will be posting videos and screenshots shortly.


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Posted on: September 26, 2008

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