Looking for LittleBigPlanet Beta Access? We’ve got ours!

That’s true and for your reference not from Eurogamers :)

Since I know time is gold specially in this situation which beta keys come and go, I make the long story short! or better to say make two versions of the story, a short one and a shorter one!

Here is the shorter one:


That’s it!

And here is the short story:

Like many people, after missing Eurogamers offer, I was digging the net, for any news related to LBP Beta which one of the links pointed me to the link above!

In the post it says:

So far we only have 2 keys left for any lucky commentors and I know the odds of getting 1 is 2/4 million or .00005th of a million, but go ahead and e-mail one of us. Any of us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Well, that doesn’t seem so satisfactory but hey, that doesn’t hurt!

So as they say in the post, I contacted them and half an hour later got a reply! To be honest I thought it’s a joke till I saw LBP Beta downloading on my screen!

Don’t miss a second, contact them ’cause they said they have a couple left.

Hope you’ll get your hands on LBP Beta.

We’re still watching carefully so keep checking here. We’ll keep you updated.


Yet Another Sackboy!


Posted on: September 23, 2008

Filed under: news


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