Updates on LittleBigPlanet Beta

After the official announcement about beta in Japan, there has been some other limited beta code giveaways mostly on non-English sites.

JeuxVideo, a gaming news website in French, is giving away 750 beta codes for the first 750 commenters with valid profile on this post. If you don’t know French, here is a broken but understandable translation. By the time of this blog post, it has already got 3000+ comments. This post also indicates that the beta test starts Sept. 22 and will end on Oct. 12.

In another news we read, GameOver, a Portuguese gaming site, is giving away 90 beta codes. This time the rules seem pretty simple. You just need to send an email with the specified subject, to try your luck! If you like to read it yourself, here is the original post in Portuguese and here is the translation. According to this post, beta test process starts Sept 24 and will end on Oct. 12.

That’s it for now.

We’ll keep you updated so keep in touch!

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Posted on: September 21, 2008

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