Confirmed! LittleBigPlanet will be released in UK October 24th (Europe Maybe?!)

Before, we had a confirmed release date of Oct. 29th for Europe and Oct. 30th for Japan and an unverified date of Oct. 21st for north American launch so basically, the only remaining news we’ve been waiting for was either a change or confirmation of the north American release date BUT an unexpected press release earlier today (Sep. 16th 2008) made some people happy (or happier) and left some others in the dark.

According to the news posted on ps3fanboy, this press release indicates that the game will be released in UK on Oct. 24th 2008. From ps3fanboy:

We’re not sure whether the rest of Europe will be receiving it on the 29th or not, but the UK will definitely be able to get their hands on the game five days ahead of the date announced at Leipzig.

It happens while the same news from Joystiq’s point of view indicates the announced date is for Europe and not only UK! From Joystiq:

When we followed up with this agency, we were informed that the Oct. 24 date was definitely for Europe

Anyway both announcements indicate Oct. 24th at least for UK, which means 5 days earlier than what was confirmed by SCEE, at Leipzig GC 2008.

Still no official word for the launch date in north America while all the rumors point to Oct. 21st.

Keep in touch! We’ll keep you updated.


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