Sit tight, LBP Beta is coming!

Getting closer to the end of September 2008, we were starting to wonder if we’ve already missed LittleBigPlanet’s beta release or if they’re not gonna have any public beta, etc. but Sam’s comment on Playstation’s official forum gave us new hopes “again“.

Hey Sam, its been nearly two weeks, I mean “Eairly September” has come and gone.
Can we atleast have you update us with “Sit tight guys its coming” or “Sorry guys its been scrapped” or “Here’s the beta**”
So we can stop hitting the “Refresh” button at all day.

Asked user level42 and Sam_protagonist, the LBP Sony community manager, replied:

To quote the above, sit tight guys it’s still coming. No more details for now.

I don’t know what else to say :)

Keep in touch!

Yet Another Sackboy!

Source: Playstation Forum

Update: And another comment by Sam made it more clear why the beta is happening so late:

As stated previously, the beta is not being used to test the game, rather it is being used to test server infrastructure, so the game may well have gone gold before the test starts, but the servers can still be worked on right up until the last minute.

Btw, Sam seems pretty active today after 12 days of silence! That can be sign of a good news!

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