LittleBigPlanet is not going to be Region Locked!

As you may have probably seen, recently, there have been a lot of discussions about LBP being region locked or not.

It all started from an interview at Leipzig which, the senior producer for LittleBigPlanet, Pete Smith, announced that the user-created content in the game is region locked because”… each territory will have it’s own dedicated server to which levels are uploaded.” (Read the original post here.)

The term of being “Region locked” raised some fans’ voices all over the official and unofficial blogs and discussion forums.

But finally, today, Sam_protagonist a SCE Developer at Playstation official community, put and end to this discussion by announcing “LittleBigPlanet is not region locked“.

The confusion arose out of regional differences in how moderation will work as there are different legal rules each region have to play by, and at one point this looked like it may require the game to be independent in each region - however this has been worked around and there will only be one region for the game…. a LittleBigRegion.

He added.

Long live LBP :)


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