Importing images in LittleBigPlanet

UPDATE Nov 1st 2008: Read it here.
One of the cool features in LBP was supposed to be the ability to import images(i.e. Jpeg, PNG, etc.) from Playstation HDD. Knowing about this feature, a lot of fans have already started making some cool and unique stickers for the game in advance, so that when the game comes out they will be able to use them on their own custom created level.

From the day this feature has been announced, till today, there have been various rumors and talks about it. Some people quote Chuck Lacson’s reply in LittleBigPlanet Blog and believe PS-Eye is the only way to import images and some don’t accept it based on what Alex Evans(Co-founder and technical director of Media Molecule) said in the GDC 2007 video.

…Stickers are just images I can import them from my Hard Drive, I could have taken them from my Eyetoy camera even.

Alex Evans said at GDC 2007.

Here is the video and the part you need to hear at 2:05:

Recently Sam_protagonist replied directly to a thread titled “No image importing (unless you have PS EYE)” and confirmed that “The only way to import fresh images into LittleBigPlanet is using the PlayStation Eye.” which upsets a lot of fans, specially the ones who have been trying to make stickers ever since they heard about importing feature. Here is the link to the thread on the Official Playstation community.

By the time of this post, there has been no announcement or confirmation about either of these theories on LittleBigPlanet official website/blog but unless something new comes out, it appears that they have changed their mind since then and decided to make this feature only available through PS Eye and not a directly from the Hard drive.

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