New level ideas

I think one of the best ways to do something positive before LBP comes out is to have our ideas and plans ready and cooked so that we can start building them in the earliest opportunity which is going to be some time at the end of Oct 2008. (Fingers crossed)

If you already have an interesting idea and want to share please do by commenting on this post and we can take it from there and discuss the possibilities.

The only problem we have is the lack of knowledge of what is available and what is not in the game. So we should start with more kinda “high level ideas” with less details till we find more about the available tools and materials in the game.

One way to get some ideas about the possibilities in the game is to watch the current available videos ’cause whatever happens in them can be made in your own custom level.

So we have created a category named “New level ideas” and we will be posting useful articles and videos which can lead us to create some great levels in future.

Looking for comments :)


Yet Another Sackboy

Posted on: August 22, 2008

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