LittleBigPouch, the pre-order bonus at GameCrazy!

After announcing GameStop and Amazon’s exclusive pre-order bonuses, today, the retailer, offering the 3rd US pre-order bonus, finally got revealed.

LittleBigPouch is waiting for you at the nearest GameCrazy store.

Your pre-order bonus at GameCrazy
Your pre-order bonus at GameCrazy

(LittleBigPouch image from the official announcement)

If this is the pre-order bonus you have been waiting for, your wait is over. You can go ahead and find the nearest GameCrazy store using their awesome online store locator, place your pre-order and bring this cute pouch home with you but if you’re one of many people waiting for the other two bonus items (LittleBigStickerBook and Nariko SackGirl downloadable costume) you still need to wait ’cause there has been absolutely no official news yet but hopefully it won’t be far so stay in touch. (This is when the RSS feed comes handy!)


Yet Another Sackboy!

Posted on: August 20, 2008

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