Pre-order bonuses in Canada and EU

Five Two days after the previous announcement about the pre-order bonuses in US (GameStop and Amazon), finally there is a word for fans in Canada but still not much news for European fans.

European fans need to remain patient! The pre-order bonus details will be announced shortly.

But in the other hand there is some sort of news for Canadians which may upset some fans and please some others.

Canadians will receive Kratos Sackboy costume/character, when pre-ordering from EB games. It was actually expected, since EB games is a division of GameStop and the pre-ordering bonus for GameStop was already announced on Aug 13 2008.

The sad news (It was called “gooder news” at LBP official announcement!) is that the only other bonus Canadians can expect is Nariko Sackgirl costume and further detials will be announced later :).

Without any more comments, this quote from the original announcement makes me laugh:

*In the current internet age, we’re pretty sure you could get the BradyGames digital mini-guide if you wanted to.

What do you think? LOL :)

Comments are welcome .

UPDATE: For some reason I couldn’t see the news on the official blog till today (Aug 18th 2008) but I just checked the date and it has been posted online Aug 15th. weird!

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