More works for LittleBigChallenge 001

Alright, here are 3 more works, submitted for LittleBigChallenge 001.

Here is the first one:

My LittleBigPlanet Logo number 2

My LittleBigPlanet Logo number 2

It may seem too much colorful but it’s catchy! Anyway I’ll leave it up to you to send me your ideas.

Here is the second one:

My LittleBigPlanet Logo #3

My LittleBigPlanet Logo #3

Well, I don’t really expect this one to be a logo but I thought it’s a nice idea :) Doesn’t it remind you of the movie “300″ ?! “THIS IS LITTLEBIGPLANEEEEEET”

And finally, the third one, another work from my wife, introducing Sackgrandma:

My LittleBigPlanet Logo # 4

My LittleBigPlanet Logo # 4

So as you can see, according to this photo taken from Sackgrandma, LittleBigPlanet did exist years ago and we weren’t just aware of it!

Please let me know your ideas,


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