Pre-order bonuses revealed

As you may have already known, last week, it was announced that there will be 5 different items as bonuses for pre-ordering the game but what you’ll get depends on where you put your pre-order and it will remain exclusively for that company. So you’ll decide where to order (or better to say pre-order) based on what you prefer to receive as bonus.

The bonus items are:

  1. The official “LittleBigPlanet Creator” miniguide
  2. Kratos SackBoy downloadable costume
  3. LittleBigPouch
  4. LittleBigStickerBook
  5. Nariko SackGirl downloadable costume

Personally I don’t care how my character is going to look like but I’m dying to get the first item (LittleBigPlanet Creator miniguide). As the name says, this is most useful for the people who wants to create custom levels and tools.

At the time of this announcement, nobody could guess which company will get which bonus item BUT today LBP news site revealed two of them:

By pre-ordering on GameStop you’ll get the second one in the list which means “Kratos SackBoy downloadable costume”.

And your Sackboy can look as cool as this:

(Image from )

By pre-ordering from Amazon, you’ll get the first item in the list above which is what I was looking for; The official “LittleBigPlanet Creator” miniguide.

I think it’s a “should have” for someone who wants to start building levels right after the game becomes available.

Pre-order LittleBigPlanet from and get the Creator miniguide as bonus (Please check the details of this offer at

To be honest I’ve already pre-ordered one copy at EB Games regardless of the bonus but I’m going to pre-order another one from amazon just to get this bonus.


Yet another Sackboy

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Posted on: August 13, 2008

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