Making money from LittleBigPlanet

I know a lot of gamers would highly disagree with the whole idea of making money out of such a fun game but I believe it can bring more and more excitement and joy for both gamers and publishers.

Obviously there will be a huge community, releasing awesome custom levels for free but at the same time there will be people willing to dedicate more time and effort to make levels with hopes to make something out of it, which can be an incentive to make it better and better.

Anyway at the end of the day, it’s all up to the gamers, if they want to only play the free ones or sometimes purchase a wicked custom level they’ve seen for a buck or two.

Personally I don’t mind spending couple of bucks for some new levels. I can compare it to new sound tracks for Rockband or new maps for Warhawk, the only difference is that they have been built by people like ourselves and not the original game maker company.

Back to our main topic;

I would definitely give it a try! I can even say making a popular high ranked level, even for free is more exciting than playing the game itself for me. It’s almost like making a website to rank up between thousands of others and it’s whole another kind of competition in this game.

One of the major ways to gain popularity for your custom created level in LBP, is to offer a nice object or tool as a “prize” for completing the level.

This way when someone plays that level and finishes it, they will be able to use it on their own maps but they can’t give that away as prize, so when people see that object, they would ask the owner “Where did you get this prize?” and she/he will point them to your level where they can play and win the same prize. So coming up with a good idea for prize is one of the ways to gain popularity.

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