Creativity is your limit!

Beside all the amazing features in the game, LittleBigPlanet gets more exciting when it comes to user-created content (sometimes reffered as custom-created or user-generated content)!

Not only the character, but you can make the whole planet customized and build your own customized level, all from scratch, putting your own images and custom created tools! They will all follow simple physics rules! They slide, roll, rotate andĀ fall, all based on their shape, material and position.

The excitement doesn’t end here! Each object can have a “Danger” assigned to it! Fire can singe you, and frozen objects can make you freeze. Getting stuck under or between heavy items, makes the character crushed. Same goes for electrified objects and …! (Who knows what other surprises are going to be included!)

In a recent interview with David Reeves, president of SCEE, it has been said that after getting the approval, you’ll also be able to charge for custom created content which is going to be a huge incentive to put some time to make a wicked custom level and release it for public. There still hasn’t been more details regarding how it is going to be scam proof and how they want to prevent its distribution through peer-to-peer programs or pirate sites, but that’s the last thing I’m worried about :)

For now I believe the key is to act quickly so I’m going to start making some prototypes so that when the game comes out I can start the actual making process. To make it more colabrative, I’ll be posting the prototypes, asking for ideas :)

Posted on: August 12, 2008

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